Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Karen Court Ultimate Block Party

Let's Party!

Annual Karen Court Ultimate Block Party
sponsored by Chinet

Save the date
Saturday October the 6th
Watch for Invitations!

I decided to start this blog to enhance the experience of my Pinterest contest .   I'm hoping the sponsor, Chinet will see the link on my Pinterest page. PLEASE  support me by repinning and liking my images.  Please help me make the TOP 25 so I have a chance at winning.  Thank you all for the support!

Basic supplies = festive parties

I've been busy painting and crafting and gathering recipes like you wouldn't believe! The basic supplies shown at right is all it takes to create fabulous decor and I'll prove it to you! 

The theme for the year is Autumn Masquerade.  Invitations will include adult masks; kids get to craft their own masks at the party! I'll post images of those too real soon--promise ;)

Product used: Chinet® Classic White™ 10 3/8" Dinner Plate

Ghostly Party Goodies

Here's a sneak peek to get the kiddos excited about the party.  This is the goody bag and a few of the other little crafty things I've been working on.  The sweet little ghost (templates can easily be found doing a search for "ghost" )  was crafted out of a Chinet paper plate! Everything down to the little pumpkin faces is all handcrafted!

Hope you all enjoyed the preview!  Please see my Pinterest board and vote for my Ultimate Block Party Board please by liking and repinning my ideas. http://pinterest.com/d3sign3r/ultimate-block-party/ .   I hope you will make some of my ideas, yours. 

**** Important Note ****
This Blog is fictitious, created solely for the purpose of furthering the creative enhancement of the Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/d3sign3r/ultimate-block-party/ which is a contest board created by Lesa Steele for the Chinet 2012 Ultimate Block Party contest.

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