Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Masquerade!

Annual Karen Court Ultimate Block Party

sponsored by Chinet

Save the date
Saturday October the 6th

Product used: Chinet® Classic White™ 10 3/8" Dinner Plate

Masquerade - Swan, Adult and Cardinal

This years block party theme is Autumn Masquerade. I know the kids in particular are really excited.  To get the rest of you a little more in the mood I thought I would post some pictures.  I'm so pleased with the way these masks turned out.  They look nice, they were inexpensive to make and they took very little time.  My idea of a great craft project.

White Swan and Red Cardinal
Chinet has an owl mask (see the pin on my board http://pinterest.com/d3sign3r/ultimate-block-party/ ) already made at their website which is just adorable.  I know a couple of the boys will love this. So here are some additional ideas I came up with using simple supplies:  Chinet® Classic White™ 10 3/8" Dinner Plate, paint, feathers felt, and ribbon. 

The top, white mask is a swan and the bottom, red mask is a cardinal.

I used the black mask to trace a guideline on the Chinet plate. I then cut out the mask and painted it and applied embellishments with hot glue (don't let the kids do this unsupervised ever!). I punched holes in the sides and attached ribbons for ties.

White Swan

The nose is a square piece (larger for the swan) of orange felt glued in place.  The kids can make these at the party with prepped materials and a little supervision.

So many animal and fantasy creature masks could be made using this basic idea.  I really had a LOT of fun with these.

The final picture is the adults mask which is a basic craft store mask. I purchased a pack of four of these for under $2.00 and used glitter glue to glue on rhinestones.  These take about five minutes to make!  These great masks will be handed out to adults as they arrive at the party.

Save the date
Saturday October the 6th

**** Important Note ****
This Blog is fictitious, created solely for the purpose of furthering the creative enhancement of the Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/d3sign3r/ultimate-block-party/ which is a contest board created by Lesa Steele for the Chinet 2012 Ultimate Block Party contest.

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